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Saw Milling

This is written from my experience of saw milling in Renny Park Coppice. I didnt actually use the saw myself, having not done my chain saw course. I helped set everything up for Ian to do the sawing.





  1. Screw rails into the end of trunk, with it being end grain it was easier to drill holes initially before putting the screws in. Using a spirit level to assure the rails are level. Making sure the rails are sticking out far enough to hold the longer, thicker rails for running the saw along.
  2. Then clamp the larger rails to the smaller ones.
  3. Set the depth on the saw mill – these were 1 and 1/4 inches.
  4. Saw. When the saw is fully inside the wood, put in some (twig) wedges behind the saw and put clamps on the top of the rails. Remove the bottom clamps when reaching the bottom.
  5. Turn the piece over 90 degrees and set the rails again, this time using a right angle rather than a spirit level to align the rails.
  6. Clamp and saw as before.
  7. These cuts were to ensure a level (and right angled) surface (s) to run the sawmill across.
  8. Use the sawmill to cut slabs. (later to be cut into 3inch wide planks for the palings).

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