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Portfolio (+ contents pages)

Below are a collection of links to pages on my blog which relate directly to the required contents of my portfolio.

‘An account of what you have learnt about coppice and woodland management.’

‘An account of the woodland craft courses attended and skills learnt’
‘A marketing flyer’
  • on its way.
‘Additional evidence of what has been learnt over the year’
  • -see any page in blog.

2nd Year Contents Page.

‘Coppice and Woodland Management’

the links below contain- ‘Descriptions of woodland management’, ‘Descriptions of safe felling, dressing out, preparing products and extracting a wide range of coppice products’, ‘Descriptions of safe practice within the work place including loading of vehicles’, ‘Correct identification of suitable standard trees and any rare species that would be left standing’, ‘Effectively protecting cut stools and other woodland flora from animal browsing’ and ‘the impact on the environment of my coppice project’.

 ‘Woodland Crafts’

the links below contain- ‘Understanding and demonstrating the processes and skills required in working from raw material to finished product’, ‘Understanding and demonstrating an awareness of the safety requirements for the given activity including the operation of tools and machinery where appropriate’, ‘Demonstrating an understanding of potential markets and clients for products’ and ‘Caring for and sharpening specialist tools’.


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