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February 12, 2013 / samrobinsoncoppice

photo shoot…

Ive been taking photos for my website – The photos are taken in Cat Cragg woods, it is my first section of coppice to tackle alone, it is mostly hazel coppice (with small bits of ash and sycamore) with ash, yak and yew standards. Im felling the coupe all by axe (and other hand tools), working on my bill hooking, axing and dressing out technique and experimenting with ways to make my working more efficient. It is alot of fun most of the time although it sometimes feels as though im stepping blindly into a grike, not sure if my stride is large enough or if im just kidding myself and am bound to plumet into a gurt big hole- so when things are going badly its mentally tough to keep cracking on. These effects on my state of mind do also seem to influence my working, potenially making a bit of a viscious circle for me to ride around! The image of me running from camera (set on self timer) to stool and then trying to swing the axe exactly ten seonds after i pressed the shutter must’ve looked hilarious to anyone lucky enough to witness it!

Below are two of the pictures, check the website for the others (… i know its a bit rubbish of me to do that if you are genuinly interested and so I highly reccomend telling me to bugger off and never visiting the website if that is the case, however if you are genuinely interested… please visit my website).

axe cut

steaks and axe


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