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December 7, 2012 / samrobinsoncoppice

Lumber Sam.

Ive been felling alot of birch in Moss and Heights Spring. Ive been felling and dressing out with axe. Exploring how to grind and sharpen, swing and cut the axe to make felling as efficient as possible. I feel like progress is being made, I have two felling axes- a Kent pattern 5lb Brades and a 4.5lb (not sure of the pattern- sort of an english I think but dont quote me!) Ellwell. The Ellwell, being a shorter head feels as though it has slightly more control upon contact with the tree (as in it doesnt pivot or twist because the point of contact is nearer to the full momentum of the swing). Both are good and sharp and do the the job well, maybe more off the shoulders of the bevel on each would provide a slightly deeper slice and still extract the wood chips from the cut and shorter shafts that fit my height slightly better…. but thats my thinking so far and I am in the process of improving all the intricate details I read about and find through working. Ive been reading the book ‘The Ax Book – The Lore and Science of the Woodcutter.” by D. Cook. which covers all questions I had and more with great depth, both philosophically and scienctificaly- this bloke knows his stuff! Ive also been hugely inspired by my recent discovery of an intruiging photograph of a ‘Lumberjill’ (link below)- the women that worked the woods when the men went to war in WW2. They worked, as the men did, in the woods felling and processing all timber by hand and kept it all going, highly skilled inspiring people.

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